Cigars are more than just smoke and flame,
A ritual to be celebrated not just rushed into.
The aroma of sweet, earthy tobacco,
Makes one take in the coarse flavor, with ease.

The careful cut of the cap to expose the cigar,
Heated to perfection, and ready to light.
The softly glowing ember, exhaled through the nostrils,
Releases a plume of smoke that’s so pleasing to the palate.

The first draw of smoke, goes down so smooth,
Entering the mouth, to be fully experienced.
Roll the smoke around, and let the flavors meld,
Feel the sensation of the smoke in your throat.

As one continues to smoke, the flavor intensifies,
Revealing a richer, deeper tasting profile.
The draw becomes longer and it’s easy to note,
The addictive action of smoke and burning wood.

Smoke your cigar, but don’t let it rule,
Revel in the aromas and appreciate the taste.
Enjoy the silence, the flavor and camaraderie,
Savoir that this time, you have truly been blessed.